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"Untitled, September, 9/11"

San Florian Marble
2.6'H x 4.7'W x 1.4'D

This sculpture was begun the day of the attack on September 11, 2001. I debated about continuing to complete her. Looking deeply into my original concept for her position, the realization came to me that many Americans would refuse to believe that our strong nation could be attacked and our citizens be killed at random. This sculpture continues as a woman who is bent over and has her head buried in her skirt with her face protruding. Her balance is very precarious. Can she maintain this denial position?  

"Untitled, 19"

Black Steatite
2.3'H x 8" x 5"

She protects herself. She is vigilant but not violent. She is angry. As you move around her she is also not predictable!

"Untitled, 213"

Black Steatite
29"H x 12"W x 9"D  (without base)

"Untitled 34"

Brown Alabaster
12"H x 24"W x 11"D