Explore these series of my paintings on paper using mixed medium. They each express a search for meaning beyond. Beyond what? 

“Colors … ” series

As we listen to various qualities of music, do we see colors for those sounds? What elicits smiles for us when we look at children playing?

“WHO AM I? … ” series

In 1886 America our government felt that the last Indians had been defeated. It was time of “Manifest Destiny” and a time for westward expansion. Learn about the “Two Spirits.”

"From Her Heart Thru Her Hands …" SERIES

Women who live in patriarchal societies create masterpiece everyday-items for their community. A Hopi Potter, Nempeyo/a Pomo Basketweaver, Mabel McKay and so many more.

"Masks of God … " SERIES

Explore the needs behind different cultures/religions search for fulfillment. These paintings include responses from Inuit, Mayan, Lakota Sioux, Christian, Dervish, Tara and Kali beliefs. 

"Lost Forest on Ring Neck Snake Road … " SERIES

Take the viewer along paths where shadow and movement are the active forms. This series is a memorial for the trees and animals who are lost to us through human action.

"Windows ... " SERIES

Allow a concept of The Green Woman inhabiting the space between a church stained glass window and the metal framework that protects it.

"My Spirit ... " SERIES

An exploration of The Spirit gathering energies as they are transferred from flesh into spirit.

"My ... " SERIES

Takes the artist into the landscape of her self.


These paintings continue the visual expressions of M.C.CAROLYN about Pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church.

Please be advised that this series of paintings are a painted extension of “Communion I,” a complete bronze chess set that represents the issue of Roman Catholic Pedophilia actions within the Church.