Examples of Grant Series collaborations M.C.CAROLYN has completed. View student example works from from Grant Programs in the galleries below.

Santa Rosa High School, CA 2001

MCC received this Grant to work with the freshmen students enrolled in the Art Quest Program.  The first set of photos are of students as they wait for the Critique that follows the conclusion of each Grant series.  These are followed by photos of some of the student's sculptures.

Suitland High School, MD 1997

A-I-E Grants from the Prince George's Arts Council, Riverdale, MD, enabled the artist to continue a series of prehistoric stone site lectures and carving demonstrations for a period from 1992 - 1997. These sculpture represent examples of the final year that this Grant was given. The twining of professional sculptor and art teacher produced an atmosphere where students made the chips fly.

Suitland High School, MD 1996

The artist gave these talented students a slide lecture about prehistoric stone sites in western Europe. A series of sculpting sessions followed carving demonstrations. This is one of the most recognized Magnet Schools for the Arts in the United States.

Madeira School, VA 1996

Unusual stone pieces became steatite sculpture at this High School in Virginia, U.S.A.

Langley Elementary School, MD 1995

These students of the 5th & 6th grades had never had art classes. The school could not afford any ongoing art classes. This Grant Program enabled these students to create stone sculpture and gave them exposure to the wonderful world of prehistoric art through the slide lecture and personal handouts created by the artist.