"Tiebele Village/Butterfly Mask"

Burkina Faso, Africa, is the site of this unique village. The Tiebele village is found in the poorest center of Africa but nurtures it's richest art. There are approximately 5 groups of Peoples who live in this small area.

The amazing patterns that are shown in the MCC painting represent the work of the women of this village. This is a patriarchal society yet the women have alone created both a way to protect their mud house walls and to add lavish designs and colors to the village's living structures. After the walls are built of mud, the women cover them w patterns created from natural source materials. Then the painted walls are burnished with stones to toughen and smooth the surface. When this process is completed the women make a natural varnish that is smoothed over the entire area. This practice has been used for many generations and preserves the building walls when the rains come.
The men of the Nuna People, who live in this Burkina Faso area around Tiebele, create large wooden plank masks for their religious ceremonies and dances. (This Butterfly Mask that is represented by MCC is similar to one in the Smithsonian Collection.) The men wear these masks on their heads as they dance draped in a reed cloak during their religious and special ceremonies.

MCC had originally searched for artistic works similar to other masks in this "Masks of God ... " series. After extensive research and consulting with an European expert on the Kassana People (another of the group living in or around Tiebele) it became a sad fact that the women of this area of Africa do not create any of the magnificent African masks. But, the Tiebele village women do continue to cover their homes with unique original beauty.

MCC would like dedicate this painting to these women. Please google the village of Tiebele, Burkina Faso, Africa. There are many sights that will fill your heart and eyes with the amazing works of these women.

"Tiebele Village/Butterfly Mask"

20" x 18" Mixed mediums: acrylic paints, inks on Bristol Board

Photo by SkyLark Images

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