“the buddha”

The story of The Buddha tells us how one man changed the Spiritual World.  His questions and possible answers grew into a new way of perceiving our Spiritual existence, our quest to discover what is beyond this earthly presence.  Buddhism stands between Eastern and Western religions to explore an infinite realm.

In “Masks of God … The Buddha”, MCC begins at the bottom of the painting with an accepted reclining position of The Buddha as He is dying. 

Buddhism is often personified by a Golden Buddha.  The Golden Buddha appears as a main image throughout the Buddhist Spiritual World.  Here The Golden Buddha is shown with His right hand in His Earth Touching pose symbolizing unity with the Earth and his left hand position signifies Peace.

Behind The Golden Buddha is a Mandala based on a Tibetan Mandala.  The MCC Mandala is still becoming.  Its shapes and symbolic meanings are not only reflections of past images but are changing as the world demands constant adaption to our new situations.

Included in this pictorial representation of “Masks of God … The Buddha” are additional photos of the painting under different lighting and angles.  The Buddha changes and black lines appear or white lines, and in the detail photo His golden color changes.  When you have the opportunity to view the original painting, please take time to move around and look for this changing Buddha.

"the buddha"

24"H x 20" W

Mixed medium: gold leaf, acrylic paints, inks, oil pastels on Bristol Board

Photo by SkyLark Images

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