Ix Chel is the Maya Goddess of the Moon, Water, Weaving and Childbirth. In this painting she is shown in three of Her many aspects. Her glyph at the lower right is in Her form as Mother Goddess and Weaver who set the Universe in motion. She is shown weaving and holding up a Mask. The young Moon Goddess sits high in the Heavens with a white rabbit in a crescent-shaped chair that is the Maya glyph for the Moon, Her symbol.  Chak Chel, Great Rainbow, is the great Water Goddess who brings about the way of change for the next age.  She is also called the Midwife of Creation and wears  Her hair is wrapped in the coils of a Snake.  She is shown as an old midwife and traditionally who cared for children.

The Kapok or Ceiba Tree is the Sacred Mayan Tree.  This very important medicinal tree often grows over 100’ tall. The Mayan Calendar resides in the background.  Its date for the end of civilization did not occur as it forecast and this Calendar is losing many of its symbols in the days after 2012.


26"H x 20" W

Acrylic & gold paints, inks, pastels, craypaux on Bristol Board

Photo by SkyLark Images

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