“Hopi Snake Antelope Ceremony”

The Hopi Snake Antelope Ceremony celebrates the marriage of Snake, the feminine spirit who guards water/springs, and Antelope, the male energy that symbolizes fruitful reproduction and whose hooves make the sound of thunder.  The sound of thunder joins with Clouds to bring Rain.  The Snake Priest holds the Snake in his mouth representing the consummation of this union. This 16 day ceremony held every other year is performed in late July/early August when the corn crops need water. 

In this MCC painting, the Snake Priest holds the headdress of the Niman Katsina.  This represents the Niman Katsina ritual and dances that occur in late summer before the Katsina leave to return to their spiritual home in the San Francisco Mountains for six months.

“Hopi Snake Antelope Ceremony”

26"H x 20" W

Acrylic paints, inks, pastels, craypaux on Bristol Board

Photo by Lance Kuehne

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