“Freyja (Freja), Norse Goddess”

The early northern Europeans called their lusty Goddess Freya (Freyja), which means “Mistress” or “The Lady” and gave her name to the sixth day of the week, Friday.  She is the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Fertility.  Her passions were abundant, vigorous and unrestrained.  Clothed or not, she is usually shown in sensual poses.

Freya didn’t discriminate in her choice of lovers: All Gods were fair game.  When Freya appeared draped in her feathered cloak and wearing nothing but her magic enchanting amber torque  Brisingamen, (necklace), none could resist. She rode a chariot driven by two blue cats given to her by Thor.  She had a magic cloak of feathers that enabled her to fly in the form of a falcon or raven. As a shape shifter she also has the power to transform other people into animals.

The Goddess is associated with the Runes, the Wheel of Fortune and the full moon. Many myths in her tableau of powers say she rode upon Hildisvini, a symbol of fertility battle swine and who is a protective talisman for those going to war.

MCCAROLYN has chosen only a few of her attributes...  The energy of the full moon behind Freya is filled with the words written in Runic (English translation):


She sits with her horned helmet between her legs and beckons the viewer to enter her realm.  In the area of the red energy field below her there are hands reaching up. Two fierce blue cats support her.

“Freyja (Freja), Norse Goddess”

26"H x 20" W

Mixed Medium: acrylic paints, oil pastels, inks, gold paint on Bristol Board

Photo by SkyLark Images

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