SCULPTURE: figurative public art commissions

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"St. Anne"

Black Steatite
5. H x 3.9 W x 2.6 D

COMMISSION: St. Columba's Catholic Church - Oxon Hill, Maryland, USA

This sculpture of St. Anne was created for a site at the entrance courtyard of both the church and the school.  She represents an older seated St. Anne who is patiently waiting.  She has been designed so that rain or snow will not collect on her lap. The black steatite stone will not stain or require special maintenance in this varied climate.

"Our Family"

Black Steatite
7.5 H x 3.8 W x 2.6 D

Commission: Doctors Community Hospital, Lanham, MD - Sited at the entrance driveway.

"Shared Dreams"

Black Steatite
1 figurative sculpture 8' H, 1 figurative sculpture 6' H, 1 water stone, 1 cup stone, 1 standing stone

COMMISSION:  National Institutes of Health (NIH) - Building 10, Blood Donors Dept. - Bethesda, Maryland, USA

This Public Art Environment Group Sculpture was originally designed to fill the entire 22' x 27' inner courtyard of this building wing.  Two corridors bound this courtyard.  One is used by the Patients while the other is used exclusively by the Donors. The two figurative sculptures represent these two groups. No hint is given which is which. Other sculptural features include: a passive Water Stone that collects rain and snow.  It is not plumbed and requires no special maintenance; the Standing Stone was chosen for it's sharp jagged forms to represent the energies within this site; and a Cup Hole Standing Stone carved as an echo of prehistoric cup stones created to catch rain used for healing ceremonies.

This group sculpture is now sited outside the Entrance of the Blood Donors Section because the Courtyard has been enclosed to house new equipment.

"Joy...words of childhood" 

Commission: Quarterfield Elementary School, Severn, MD

This commemorative sculpture was created to celebrate the life of a first grade student who was killed in an auto accident.