SCULPTURE: abstract sculptural commissions

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“Sierra White Granite Informational Sculpture”

8'9"H x 6'2"W x 3'D

Located at: Kings Beach California Conservancy Park, Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, CA
Created in collaboration with: One + Two, Inc., California Tahoe Conservancy, NCSI, & CSGC

Lake Tahoe Statistics:

  • Average Depth: 1,000’

  • Deepest Depth: 1,645’

  • Temperature: 41 - 68°F/5-20°C

  • Size: 22 miles long x 12 miles wide

  • Shoreline: 72 miles

  • Volume: 39 trillion gallons (enough to cover California with 1 foot of water)

“Stack, #5”

Black Steatite

7.6 H x 6.3 W x 3.3 D

COMMISSION: Frank Pascoe, Potomac, MD This sculpture was designed to be seen from a distance. It is sited in a large estate garden. The three balancing stones have an open space within the top two. Here the texture that will make strong shadows has been created by using drill core bits to remove stone. Shadow and form work side by side.

“Stones to see water in”

Black Steatite
15' x 30' Stream/streamside area - 1 bench, 3 waterstones 

Commission:  Mayfair, Allentown, PA

The two piece bench sits on the side of the stream and the seat area overhangs the water. The three waterstones each have water channels carved into them that push the water up into open carved areas in the stone.  The water moves differently within each stone so that some rise & fall, bubble, form whirlpools, etc.